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Shepherding Every Child’s Science Dream

On March 27, 2023, NEOBIO invited Nobel laureate Michael Levitt to participate in the special event NeoBio Talk, a stimulating scientific exchange seminar, held at the NEOBIO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM in Shanghai. During the event, Levitt shared a personal anecdote on “Can Mischievous Children Win the Nobel Prize?” as a part of his keynote speech, and facilitated in-depth conversations in the form of listening and dialogue with attending guests, shepherding children into the field of scientific knowledge and knocking on the door of future science dreams.

NeoBio Talk is a sharing and communication platform provided by NEOBIO for children, teenagers and parents alike. It invites big names in the industry and Nobel laureates to share innovative and multi-dimensional topics, to explore the possibility of pursuing scientific dreams with parents and children, and to expand the boundaries of young minds. Michael Levitt was specially invited to share his scientific adventures exploring the undetermined, inspire curiosity and help empower children with science. This is also adhering to the guidelines set during the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) this year to improve basic scientific literacy in China. Science plays a crucial role in education and the sustainable development of the world, and children and young people are an important source of the scientific and technological talent pool. NEOBIO is dedicated to fostering growth and empowering every child’s dream to become a scientist.

Michael Levitt is an authoritative biophysicist, professor of structural biology at Stanford University, member of the National Academy of Sciences and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Michael Leavitt was also one of the first scholars to direct DNA and protein molecular dynamics simulations.

Prior to the event, NEOBIO collected children’s “spontaneous ideas” about science on social media platforms, and Michael Levitt responded to these questions and ideas during the NeoBio Talk with humour and wit, arousing heated discussion about science and received countless positive feedback from children. On a special note, Levitt combined his own experience to create a fascinating new perspective “Can Mischievous Children Win the Nobel Prize?” in his keynote speech, sharing that every child has the potential to become a scientist. While scientists appear to be different, they are ordinary people from diverse backgrounds. In addition to good fortune, scientists devote more enthusiasm and perseverance to their work, and hold the spirit of learning through practice and from trial and error, so as to encourage children to maintain love and confidence in science. At the same time, it also inspires parents to let children think independently, to always stay curious about science, unafraid of making mistakes, discover the fun of learning and enjoy learning, exercise, embrace a wider range of hobbies, improve hands-on ability and understand the randomness of the world through real life practices.

Not long ago, NEOBIO also invited Professor Eugene Ch’ng, professor at the University of Nottingham, director of NVIDIA’s Joint Mixed Reality Laboratory, and editor-in-chief of the MIT PRESENCE: VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY journal, to speak at NEOBIO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM. The keynote speech thoroughly explored the topic “teaching our children to work with artificial intelligence and technology in a competitive future environment”. As science and technology continue to develop, artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in the future, and how to effectively work with artificial intelligence will become a key issue of tomorrow. During NeoBio Talk, Professor Ch’ng conveyed through thought-provoking interactions, from exposure to coding, emphasising problem-solving skills, encouraging curiosity and the importance of teamwork. The speech stimulated children’s infinite imagination while parents pondered the future direction of education.

NEOBIO is excited to explore the beauty that is science with children, teenagers and parents alike, empowering the next generation with infinite possibilities of the future. Through NeoBio Talk, big names from different scientific and industry backgrounds will continue to be invited to share and interact with parents and children, and initiate curiosity about science and the pursuit of knowledge to better observe and explore the world.

NEOBIO guides children to understand the boundless relationship between science, life and art through full sensory, interactive experiences, and uncover the infinite charm of science. At NEOBIO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM, children can explore diverse fields such as natural science, avant-garde technology and aerospace exploration. The museum has three floors, covering an area of 6000m² and is divided into five major exhibitions. In Power Hungary, the process of mankind understanding nature and transforming it into a source of energy is revealed; In Miracle Labs, audiences witness the birth, development and aging of life, and understand the delicate works of human organs and cells; In Secret Studios, explorers linger at the game of light and shadow and conduct a well-versed symphony using art and technology; In Maker’s Hall, every visitor becomes a natural innovator, converses with the future, and experiences the joy of creation; And coming to Space Station, audiences travel in space to understand the mysteries left for future generations in the vast sea of stars. Themed science activities and parent-child sessions are held as a part of the museum’s programme around the year. The museum is equipped with NEOBIO’s first-ever smart wristband location tracking system, so parents are free of any safety concerns while children explore the grounds. In terms of catering facilities, the museum offers a selection of nutritious specialty menus, so that individuals and families who come to dine and visit can enjoy 360-degree quality service.

As the co-founder and CEO of NEOBIO, Xu Jing, shared during NeoBio Talk, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” This scientific seminar not only adds new colours to children’s scientific palette but also points out the way of scientific parenting to parents. In the future, NeoBio Talk will continue to be staged in NEOBIO, scattering the seeds of knowledge for countless Chinese children, igniting their curiosity about science in school and in life. At the same time, NEOBIO will also help Chinese parents to better explore the potential of each child, expand educational horizons and better help children grow into the talents of tomorrow.