Ahmad Zahid the fall guy for BN’s defeat?

by | Nov 22, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


There is mounting pressure within Barisan Nasional for its chairman, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, to accept responsibility for the poor showing of the coalition in the 15th general election and to resign and make way for the appointment of a successor.

But Ahmad Zahid is refusing to budge and is actually relishing his new found role as a power broker as he negotiates with PH and PN as to which coalition BN will swing with in order to form the next government.

Ahmad Zahid is a man of steely determination and although BN insiders cite that his image of being accused of a number of crimes is to be blamed for voters not choosing BN in the present general election, he remains steadfast.

Ahmad Zahid is vehement that he is innocent of any wrongdoing or crime and states that he believes the courts will clear him and free him and declare him innocent although many BN members feel otherwise.

While his position in BN is in limbo, nevertheless he still is a powerful influence and determinant in the way BN will work out terms and conditions that are satisfactory to them with either PH or PN and it looks like he will not step down as BN chairman immediately.

But the calls for his head to roll and for him and a number of other BN individuals to resign are getting louder by the day as many within the coalition believe that he is now an unnecessary burden that is imposed on the party.


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