Is Malaysia safe if triad gang leaders are freely roaming around?

by | May 28, 2022 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Recently a leader of a triad gang leader was shot at point-blank range when he was in his vehicle packing lunch in Kedah.

The incident has raised the question if the police are doing enough to keep the streets a safe place.

It was reported that the deceased was approached by four individuals and they shot eight live bullets to the head and body killing him instantly. His wife and children were at the scene when the incident happened.

If more similar incidents are allowed to happen, there is a risk that an innocent bystander will be hit by a stray bullet.

Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk G Suresh Kumar stated that the assassination could be due to a turf war or a revenge act amid triad gangs.

An anonymous source, from within the triad, had spoken to media personnel that the gang leader was killed due to elements of dissatisfaction and power struggle.

If the authorities do not stop illegal triads from carrying out their operations, bigger disputes are bound to happen.

Malaysian citizens deserve the right to be safe on the streets on have the fear of a gang incident is to take place.