Josh Homme Allegedly Threatens To Kill Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend

by | Jan 5, 2022 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife’s new partner who had to resort to getting court-ordered protection. Josh allegedly started making death threats towards Gunner Foxx soon after he started dating Josh ex-wife Brody Dalle sometime in 2020. According to Gunner, things finally boiled over this past Christmas Eve when he was out doing some Christmas shopping and had a run-in with Josh.

Gunner claims the notoriously volatile rocker confronted him aggressively inside an Apple Store, shouting obscenities at him and threatening to throw him off a balcony. He then says that Josh confronted him a second time outside the Apple Store where he resumed his vicious tirade. At one point, he claims Josh actually grabbed his arm and attempted to follow through on his earlier threats to throw him off the balcony.

Foxx then claims he called the cops who had responded but not in time to catch Homme who had already fled the scene. Gunner, who lives in Malibu with Josh’s ex and their children also believes that Josh once broke into the home and slashed his tires. Gunner went to court and successfully got a restraining order requiring Josh to stay a minimum of 50 yards away from him and his two daughters at all times.

The incident comes shortly after Josh’s own daughter, Camille, got a restraining order against her father who she claims habitually abused her and her two younger siblings, accusations which the musician has denied.