MATHia Rises to the Top in Study of Adaptive Learning Platforms Conducted by Saga Education

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Saga Education, the national nonprofit behind one of the most effective personalized tutoring programs in the country, conducted a study of students using five adaptive learning math platforms in Spring 2021 and determined that MATHia by Carnegie Learning was the leading program.

Saga Education is at the forefront of exploring ways to leverage human-guided tutoring in combination with adaptive online learning. In the Spring of 2021, six public high schools in New York City, Chicago, and Broward County, participated in a qualitative study to measure a range of questions across five dimensions: ease of use, usefulness in learning, development of conceptual understanding of math, support offered, and students’ sense of belonging. MATHia proved the highest rated platform overall, and, notably, when students were asked if they felt that the math platform was made for students like them, they ranked MATHia significantly higher than the rest.

“Technology plays a significant role in supporting the scale and growth of tutoring. Having adaptive learning solutions that are effective and that historically marginalized students feel were developed for them is central to our scaling effort,” said Krista Marks, Saga’s Chief Product Officer. After the study, Saga Education reached out to Carnegie Learning to begin a partnership together to improve how technology and tutoring work together to support learning.

“The research indicates that MATHia is a high quality, conceptual platform that engages students and increases students’ success,” said Steve Ritter, Founder and Chief Scientist of Carnegie Learning. “We are so proud to have this further validation from Saga Education and as a result explore ways to collaborate with them going forward.

“We are pleased to be able to use an adaptive learning program that has data showing it is effective for our students,” said AJ Gutierrez, co-founder of Saga Education. “We look forward to the opportunity to work with Carnegie Learning to co-develop more innovative solutions that help Saga’s students succeed.”

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