Booming Agro Madani Sales

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Business, LOCAL, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

In a quick fire move to help assist and alleviate the burden of the rising cost of living on the rakyat, the Agro Madani Sales was organised from the end of October 2023 and it has so far recorded revenue of more than RM60 million.

The Agriculture and Food Security Ministry stated that the sales which included the participation of the Federal Agricultural Marketing Board (Fama), Farmers’ Organisation Authority and the Fisheries Development Board attracted about 54,300 entrepreneurs.

The Agro Madani Sales, which benefited more than seven million households, is seen as a ‘quick win’ program to help producers market their produce directly to consumers, with products sold at 10 percent to 30 percent lower than market prices.

Up to now, the ministry stated that it has held 71 percent of the Agro Madani Sales for this year at 3,569 locations nationwide comprising 401 government complexes, 926 high density housing areas and 2,242 Fama retail outlets.

The Agro Madani Sales has special attractions such as the sale of selected fresh products including vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, fish, sugar and cooking oil as well as the Madani Combo promotion.

In its focus on ensuring food security, several initiatives including fresh agro food marketing services covering the purchase of agricultural produce from farmers, ‘i Bela’ or the buy back programme and the Agro Madani Sales has been introduced.