Focus on the joy of learning

by | Jun 25, 2024 | EDUCATION, NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Education in Malaysia, especially at primary school and secondary level, has been subject to much politicking by the various stakeholders in the country and is in disarray but educationists are calling for students to just focus on the joy of learning.

But how can a student, who is a victim of those with vested political interest, be able to focus on the joy of learning when they are faced with frequent and constant changes to the curriculum by those who hold power.

For instance, take the study of history. History books in use in Malaysian schools are perceived by students and parents to have been revised and rewritten so that true historical facts and figures have ended up being a casualty.

This has caused confusion among students and teachers when they have access to the true historical facts on reputable and trusted sites on the Internet which results in many students faring badly in history.

If there is to be any joy in learning in this country, there must be the omission of politics in education, and it must be void of any religiosity, it must be irreligious and multicultural and adopt an open minded system of learning.

In Malaysia, as a democracy, students must subscribe to the existence of a free state or an open society and be free to learn all and sundry without any restrictions or limits imposed on them and this will cause them to be mature, wise and knowledgeable.


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