Cruelty towards farmed livestock appalling

by | Jun 14, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS, WORLD | 0 comments

Malaysia has been given an ‘E’ grade in the animal husbandry practices sector for its appalling cruel treatment of farmed livestock in the country by the Australian based Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index or VACI.

VACI is an authority on animal welfare in about fifty countries who are ranked as the largest global producers of farmed animal products and after careful monitoring and surveillance they accord their ratings accordingly.

According to the Stray Animals Feeders Malaysia, the VACI rating has merit and has also received their endorsement as the nation has often been in the spotlight for poor treatment of farmed animals.

Due to poor animal welfare it has been observed by independent authorities that factory farmed livestock are bred in overcrowded and inhumane conditions and they are frequently kept in cramped cages or enclosures.

Other issues that VACI is displeased with include the fact that these animals are prevented from moving naturally, their young separated from mothers too fast after birth, tail docking, dehorning and castration without adequate painkillers.

Despite the enactment of the Animal Welfare Act 2015 and the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, their enforcement remains weak and the judicial system is reluctant to prosecute those who commit violations under these laws.