Lawsuit over vaccination side effects

by | Jun 11, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A class action suit is set to be initiated against the government by the Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association to hold the authorities accountable for those who suffered side effects or died due to the Covid 19 vaccination.

The association explained that when the Covid 19 pandemic struck many Malaysians were forced to take vaccines whose effectiveness and safety were unproven and therefore justice has now to be given to those who were adversely affected.

Moreover, medical experts, legal practitioners and activists have been dragged to court, sentenced and even imprisoned for questioning the effectiveness of the vaccine and therefore the government has to be accountable.

There were those who were discriminated against and some people even lost their jobs, others were barred from entering mosques and there were also those who were refused licences although they were entitled to it.

It must be noted that in the year 2021, the government approved financial assistance for locals and foreigners who experienced adverse effects after being injected with a range of Covid 19 vaccines sought from foreign companies.

This is why the association has decided to act on behalf of all those who are perceived to be victims of forced vaccinations as there is ample evidence now that these mRNA vaccines can have severe side effects including heart attacks and blood clots.