Consult all stakeholders in policy making

by | Jun 11, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Unlike past regimes and administrations in Malaysia, the Anwar government seeks to consult all stakeholders when determining and formulating a policy and this is a positive sign and a healthy indicator for all Malaysians.

Arguably, this seems to be the essence of Anwar’s Madani concept, the inclusiveness that has all this while been missing from the policies of past governments and it is hoped that things will start to look brighter now for every Malaysian.

But, as usual, and as expected, there are the detractors and the less sanguine who argue that there are flaws and errors in the Madani concept that needs to be rectified and it is important for their views to be considered.

While the Madani concept is a bold start, there is no doubt that along the way of its implementation it needs to be fine tuned and adjusted, and therefore the government needs to listen to both communication of concord and discord.

It is perhaps the contrarian views to which Anwar and his administration needs to pay more attention if he hopes to survive his term of office in power from Putrajaya for they are pivotal to his continuity in office as prime minister.

This is why Anwar needs to tread very carefully on his plans to impose controlling mechanisms on freedom of expression in this country as too much restrictions on people who speak up and speak out can be detrimental to the nation’s wellbeing.


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