Mothers’ Day: A tribute to all mothers!

by | May 17, 2024 | Opinions | 0 comments


There are many sayings and expressions dedicated to mothers all over the world, and on May 12 every year, the day has been specially set aside for the sole purpose of paying tribute to mothers for the role they play in people’s lives.

Not a single one of us will be here if not for our mothers, of course with able assistance from our fathers, yet it is timely on this auspicious day to reflect and contemplate on being a mother, a most virtuous honor for any woman.

But it is quite disconcerting to see in life, owing probably to the built up pressures of the current state of living and lifestyles, of women delaying motherhood or, worse, not even planning to have children though many are married or in relationships.

A child is always a blessing. For some reason, when a child enters into this world or into a person’s life, without a shred of doubt, life is set to change and for the better as the child brings with him or her blessings for everyone.

It does not matter what religion, faith or belief you cling to but mothers know upon conceiving that they have brought blessings with the birth of an infant and this is why it is celebrated with much fervour.

Therefore, it is really in child bearing that it is traditionally believed that a woman ‘saves’ herself and this actually rings true to this day and the reason why the highest degree of respect and love is accorded to all mothers.


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