Stop these vicious attacks immediately

by | May 10, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions, Sports | 0 comments


While many Malaysians are puzzled and confused over the acid attacks on footballers, people are appealing to the authorities to stop these vicious, brutal and heinous acts that reek of a great and horrible evil.

Splashing acid on anyone is a terrible and evil act which no one should resort to and the fact that it is happening in this country is an indication or symptom of a society in disarray and possibly deeply fractured now.

The perpetrators of this evil malaise must be brought to book and no right thinking person in the world can condone these senseless acts towards anybody and for whatever reason as it is an act that beggars belief.

Who in his or her right mind will go to the extent of splashing acid against anyone no matter what offence or wrongdoing has been committed against them? The viciousness of this act is bordering on lunacy.

No matter what wrong or bad deed a person has committed, to retaliate in such a way as to attack a person by splashing acid on him or her is going beyond any reasoning and logic and therefore these attacks should be prevented from recurring.

Malaysians must put their foot down to ensure that splashing and attacking a person with acid never happens again and it is time to check on those in our midst who are gravely ill or sick who want to resort to these kinds of acts.


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