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AR Rahman, the internationally acclaimed award winner known for countless melodies and compositions, is set to perform once again in Kuala Lumpur on 27th July 2024 in the concert titled ‘AR Rahman Live in Kuala Lumpur 2024’.

In an exclusive online conversation with the maestro himself, selected media platforms had the privilege to hear on what to expect for the upcoming concert.

Rahman said that he’s so excited to meet his fans in Malaysia. He expressed that the fans in Malaysia are the ‘craziest’ and feels the bonding with them. “When I am feeling low, I always think of Malaysian fans and it lifts my spirit”. Reflecting on his journey, Rahman reminisces about his inaugural concert in Malaysia, a moment that forged a deep-seated connection with the audience and the land. He speaks of an enduring attachment and a sense of belonging that permeates his performances in the region, infusing them with an added layer of significance and intimacy.

When queried about his process of curating the song list for his concerts, Rahman elucidates that, like any artist, he aims to strike a balance between timeless classics and newer gems. He acknowledges the evolving preferences across generations, acknowledging a nostalgic allure attached to certain compositions.

Fans can look forward to a powerful and unforgettable 3 hours performance comprising some 90% Tamil songs of the 90s, 2000s and other latest hits.  He expressed his love for the Tamil language and also acknowledges the requests of the Malaysian fans. Rahman added that fans can also look forward to some pleasant surprises in the upcoming concert.

In essence, AR Rahman’s concerts are not merely musical spectacles but transformative experiences that traverse realms of joy, nostalgia, and profound emotion. With each performance, he reaffirms his status as a luminary in the world of music, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of his audience.

AR Rahman’s concert showcases many well-known playback singers and Rahman mentioned that he will reveal it bit by bit in the run up to the show.

AR Rahman concert 2024

Besides performing in Malaysia, Rahman also enjoys the local food and the serenity of the islands in Malaysia. He shared his experience of visiting local markets and even an IT centre where he purchased a gaming laptop.

With a career spanning over three decades, Rahman has garnered global accolades for his unparalleled contributions to music, earning prestigious recognitions including Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.

Rahman’s blend of soul-stirring melodies and electrifying beats promises a musical journey like no other. His mastery of diverse genres, from classical to contemporary, ensures a dynamic and engaging experience for fans of all tastes. From iconic hits that have defined generations to fresh compositions that push artistic boundaries, Rahman’s concert is a celebration of musical innovation and cultural resonance.

Get ready to be swept away by his unparalleled talent and immerse yourself in an evening of pure musical magic. Organised by Star Planet, the event is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm at National Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Tickets for the AR Rahman Live in Kuala Lumpur 2024 will be available for purchase starting 8th May 2024 at 2:00 pm via my.bookmyshow.com and ticket2U.com.my. Tickets are priced from RM98 onwards. Fans are encouraged to secure their seats early to ensure they do not miss out on this historic musical event. For more information and ticketing details, please visit www.starplanet.com.my.

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