Many Malaysians living deprived lives now

by | May 3, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


While happiness is hard to gauge, measure and quantify, though there are numerous Happiness Indexes that have cropped up of late in the world it is important to get to the ground realities to understand the happiness of the people of a nation.

By going by the ground realities in this country, the yardstick used to measure happiness, the general perception is that Malaysians are a desolate, disconsolate lot who are dissatisfied and unhappy with their lot in life.

In a nutshell, to sum it up, many Malaysians actually feel and believe they are living deprived lives compared to those of other nations and not necessarily first world nations but also those lower down the ladder in development.

While the reasons for this are wide and varied, the biggest setback to happiness in this country is the toxic and volatile political climate, the play of the race and religion cards by politicians and the unwillingness to compromise.

Perhaps, by adopting a give and take attitude, a sporting nature and turning a blind eye to what is essentially considered trivial matters and not blow it out of proportion or add fuel to fire a better, healthier and happier environment can be achieved.

This is also the reason why many Malaysians really believe that their overall Quality of Life is beginning to deteriorate and members of all races are beginning to look to flee to greener pastures to savour life.


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