All sides seek God’s favour

by | Feb 26, 2024 | NEWS, Opinions, WORLD | 0 comments


“All sides seek God’s favour but He remains oblivious to them all,” Palestinian American professor of literature, Dr Edward Said in his book ‘The politics of dispossession’, also a social critic and political activist.

For all his adult life, Edward Said was campaigning for peace in the troubled land of Jews and Palestinians and he commented that while the Jews cry to ‘Jehovah’, the Palestinians wail to ‘Allah’ but both to no avail.

In the end, Edward Said died a heartbroken man in his adopted homeland of America and was disappointed that though he tried to bring the warring factions to peace all his efforts came to nought and was futile.

What really ails the Palestinians and Jews? Why is it so hard and difficult for them to come to the table, sit down and broker peace once and for all for both their people in this infinitely sad land to be at peace with each other?

There are those, and among us a number of them, people gifted with psychic intelligence, who contend that the Palestinians and Jews should be left alone because as long as the earth exists they will be fighting each other and there can be no peace.

If what these ‘psychic intellectuals’ are saying is true, it is perhaps better for all those brokering peace and ceasefires to withdraw from the fray and not waste their precious time and effort and leave this cursed land to sort itself out by themselves.


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