Probing the minds of corrupt Malaysian politicians

by | Jan 29, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


There is a slew of social media postings by people who are aghast and astonished at the billions of ringgit that have been siphoned or stolen by corrupt former leaders of this country which is making the rounds on the Internet.

How is it possible and what entered into the minds of these politicians to engage in activities to hoodwink the people and use the nation’s wealth to enrich and prosper themselves, their families, cronies and sycophants?

What was actually on their minds to subscribe to such deceit as if they had no conscience at all of right and wrong in the practice of using money politics to govern of whom the purveyor is none other than Mahathir Mohammad.

Mahathir’s stance and behaviour beggars belief for the simple reason he is a blatant liar, a hypocrite and a racist who probably has such thick skin as an elephant’s hide that he needs to be assessed by psychologists over the status of his mental health.

He is the forerunner, along with other former prime ministers and leaders, who are guilty of causing so much suffering, pain and hardship to be inflicted on Malaysians as so many filthy revelations of their greed and wrongdoings have been highlighted in social media.

Malaysians now believe that the reason why corruption is so widespread in this country is because a fish rots from the head as these leaders have betrayed the trust placed in them by voters and they are now really such a big letdown to all of us.


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