Is there really such a thing as the Power of One?

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Opinions | 0 comments


There is a famous quotation often used by people that “all men are created equal” yet in life there is so much inequality to be witnessed and there are those who also subscribe to the theory of “the Power of One.”

Is there really such a thing as the Power of One? By stating and believing this, what it means is that the individual can live a free and independent life without the need or requirement of his fellow human beings.

It also comes as not surprising that there are a growing number of people in this world who embrace and welcome the idea of individualistic living thus setting them free from the yoke of obligations and commitments.

This kind of hedonistic approach to life is a fallacy and misleading, as no individual can be absolved from shouldering responsibility, as it is a fact that there is no man who is an island and this is why there is a need for others in our lives.

People need people. No one lives in a glass bubble and each of us should be quick and wise to realise that while on one hand it is true life is and should be lived independently, on the other hand, man is interdependent.

Those of us who adopt the attitude that they have no need for other people in their lives should realise that, by changing their ways and mindset, they will be far better off being part and parcel of communal living.


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