Drive to save electricity

by | Jan 3, 2024 | Business, LOCAL, NATIONAL, NEWS, SUSTAINABILITY | 0 comments

The Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia stated that three main factors contributed to high electricity bills such as the equipment used, number of appliances, and the duration of the usage of these appliances.

The association stated that electricity usage depends on the type of equipment households use such as heating, cooling, the rotating pump system and electricity consumption of these equipment must be strategically reduced.

Households can switch to using solar energy and adopt measures such as using fans to cool rooms, installing LED lights and avoiding the use of microwave ovens or even hiring an energy auditor to help save electricity.

On December 22 this year, Malaysia’s Energy Commission announced an electricity tariff adjustment including the removal of two sen rebates for households with energy consumption between 601 kilowatt hour or kWh and 1500 kWh.

This is why the association wants Malaysians to conserve energy although for domestic users using 600 kWh and below, the two sen rebate per kWh remains, and those using between 600 kWh and 1500 kWH will not be imposed a surcharge.

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association or Fomca also advised consumers to switch to energy efficient appliances such as LED lights and 5 Star Energy Label certified appliances for homes and offices.