Anwar apologizes for using the ‘K’ word

by | Jan 3, 2024 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

While many Malaysians, including Indians, felt it was not necessary for prime minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, to apologize for using the word ‘keling’ at the Temu Anwar Dialog Mahasiswa at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, the matter has since been settled amicably.

The reason many cite why there was no real need for Anwar to apologize is because he was merely quoting a citation from the book titled “Hikayat Hang Tuah” and had no intention to insult or offend anyone.

But there was an overreaction led by MIC deputy president, M. Saravanan, who deemed the issue sensitive as leaders of the country should not trample on the basic rights of any community, in this case Malaysian Indians.

Saravanan, in a statement, commented that the video of the Prime Minister referring to the Tamil language as “Bahasa Keling” went viral and had been widely circulated and caused a furore among Indians.

Saravanan, whose motive was obviously to gain political mileage and to make himself look as an Indian leader who was defending the interests of the community, looked as if he was seeking to shore up Indian support for MIC.

But his effort was feeble, as most Malaysians had already spurned MIC for their continuous betrayal of Indians and while it looked like he had made a point for now, it will take more effort from him to regain the greater confidence of Malaysian Indians.