Stop all forms of racism

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While Malaysia is a multi racial, multi religious and multi cultural nation, it nevertheless comes across as shocking the number of activities and organizations that are race based which is really a crying shame.

In every sphere of Malaysian life, there is the ugly face of racism rearing its head, from race based politics to ceremonies and events and sports competitions that are organized along racial lines and this is a bad omen for the country.

This separation of activities run along a particular race generates a tone of frivolous misery as there is no inclusiveness of all the races and therefore the ground is not being gained in building healthy race relations.

To organize an event or activity where the three major races are not included is really to promote racism and parochial thinking and this is why Malaysians need to shed this shallow mentality and embrace a universal bond among the races.

Malaysians have to value and cherish their diversity and engage and interlock with each other to create time and space to mix and match and develop egalitarian values where all races are in a partnership of equals.

It is really mind boggling the racial polarization in schools, universities, the private and public sector and within communities at present and people must learn not to eye each other with distrust and suspicion but have the confidence to build rewarding bonds.


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