Sultan Nazrin on tact and good manners

by | Nov 29, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Perak Ruler, Sultan Nazrin Shah, stated that although Malaysia is rich in customs, culture, values and morals, there is growing concern in the country over the diminishing emphasis on tact and good manners.

The Sultan added that people in positions of leadership should not engage in behaviour involving mutual condemnation and insults as this is not only hazardous but deemed as irresponsible acts which is being witnessed by the rakyat.

The Perak Ruler stated that no leeway must be given for such behaviour as it holds the potential to create animosity and hostility among the people which can be a threat to peace and stability in the country.

He stated that it was disappointing to note that the trend of not displaying tact and good manners is not only among the uneducated and those in low social positions but also among educated high ranking individuals as well.

This was happening at august public platforms, forums and venues, including in places of worship where civil discourse suffers from taking place as people even use profanities and expletives to vent their displeasure.

The Perak Ruler warned of the emergence of “pseudo leaders” whose ideologies, mannerisms and examples resemble a blend of truth and falsehood which is causing confusion among the people right now and this needs to be checked.