Would the British abolish their monarchy?

by | Nov 17, 2023 | NEWS, WORLD | 0 comments

Britons are beginning to count the cost of having a monarch and a growing number of them are calling upon their prime minister, Mr Rishi Sunak, to consider seriously about abolishing the monarchy and turning the United Kingdom into a republic.

These calls are not new and a number of other countries around the world have witnessed the end of their monarchs and given the nature of the position of Britain now King Charles could turn out to be the last reigning monarch.

Britain has witnessed the sun setting on the empire, and without the colonies to plunder and loot, they are finding it hard to fend for themselves and now consider the monarchy a heavy burden on its people.

Making it worse is an unsettling economy where there is rising unemployment, the growing number of homeless people, astronomical increases in the price of goods and services and inflation at a runaway level.

This has caused Britons to rethink if taxpayers money can be better spent rather than to maintain the folks at Buckingham Palace whom they feel should go out and get jobs just like the commoners.

While Britons weigh the pros and cons of the necessity of having the monarchy in a modern world, there is growing evidence that a referendum on this should witness that the days of kingly and queenly rule are set to come to an end.