Why students have to opt for tuition?

by | Oct 19, 2023 | EDUCATION, NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Controversy rages as to why students have to opt for private tuition which fuels the commercialization of education and places much pressure on their parents and the household finances of a family nowadays.

The fault lies squarely on the education system as the teaching of subjects in schools are inadequate and not up to the mark owing to many government school teachers being unable to fulfill the duty and task of teaching.

This is why students have no alternative but to seek free online tutoring, which is not appealing to them, but rather face to face interaction with teachers in tuition centres that have been providing them the real education but at a cost.

This has caused the private tuition industry to mushroom into a multi billion dollar industry annually while taxpayers are wondering why on earth they are paying their taxes to fund a defunct and dysfunctional school system.

But it is disconcerting to witness parents who make a living staking their hard earned incomes and sacrificing in the hope that their children will be able to have a happier and better future. But this is the prime motivation of most parents.

This is also the reason to supervise, regulate and monitor private tuition centres to ensure there are checks and balances in place and they are above board and that parents get real value for parting with their hard earned money to them.


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