Pull and push in the Anwar era

by | Oct 9, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


While many independent analysts are uncertain and unsure as to offer comments on the state of the country since the Pakatan and BN alliance came to power a year ago they nevertheless admit that there has been a lot of pull and push.

By stating this, these analysts are confirming that there is a stalemate and the nation has actually been in stagnation as there is a certain pull and push in different directions by both sides of the political divide.

The opposition political parties are not giving their ready cooperation to Anwar and his Madani ideology and instead they are being obstinate and offering stubborn resistance and refuse to close ranks and work together with the powers that be.

It does not help that there are factions, divisions, infighting and politicking among politicians as the world and the nation goes through a period of turmoil and confusion when what is needed is for politicians of all stripes to come together.

Politicians in the country must learn to set aside their differences, at least until the next general election, and seek to ensure that the country gets back on the right track, especially the economy and arresting the rising cost of living.

Bickering and backbiting among politicians is a useless exercise and benefits nobody and what actually it transpires into is much suffering, pain and hardship for the rakyat as they bear the heavy burdens now.


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