Don’t segregate the sexes

by | Oct 5, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Since September 18, 2023, the MRT Kajang Line has started a ‘women’s coach’ only, disallowing the male species from sharing space with women in a move that has drawn all kinds of flak and criticism on social media.

The bottomline of all these grouses that are being vented is not to segregate the sexes although many believe that it is in response to cases of sexual harassment being encountered by women on trains.

The monotony of ‘gangguan seksual’ or sexual harassment is broadcasted so often on trains and at the MRT stations that commuters are sick and tired and fed up of listening to it as it gives the impression that there are sexual perverts all over the place.

In order to safeguard women, the hare brain scheme of segregating the sexes was launched and most people do not bother to adhere to it as it is absurd to believe that the issue of sexual harassment can be solved by segregating the sexes.

This ill conceived idea has sparked outrage as trains during peak hours especially are packed like sardines and people come into close contact with each other and it is possible that there may be perverts taking the opportunity to grope women.

But segregating the sexes is a bad idea to go about solving the problem as men and women and families need to interact with each other and don’t need the authorities to tell them how to behave on public transport.


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