ITRI Organises Educational Camp for Children in Hualien to Explore Drone Technology

by | Sep 22, 2023 | EDUCATION | 0 comments

ITRI, in collaboration with the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the Hualien County Government, and the Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, recently orchestrated an educational drone camp for disadvantaged, Indigenous and new immigrant children in Hualien. This initiative provided local children with hands-on training sessions that encompass drone programming, aerial video shooting, aerial typography art, and search and rescue applications.

ITRI’s Deputy Operating Officer and Public Welfare Committee Chairman, Ta-An Ho, expressed her enthusiasm towards this year’s event, as this is the first time to fully incorporate AIT’s STEAM resources—comprising curriculum centred around science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics—into ITRI’s annual technology camp programme. “ITRI’s longstanding commitment to ensuring equitable access to quality education for all, which aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, focuses on presenting innovative technologies in inclusive and engaging forms, fostering the creativity and innovation of our youth,” she said.

AIT Cultural Affairs Officer John Dow shared his delight in collaborating with ITRI to advance STEAM education in eastern Taiwan. “We share a firm belief in education’s power to transform lives and promote students’ well-being. We sincerely believe that technology, when harnessed effectively, can yield positive outcomes to drive beneficial changes.”

Shu-Min Weng, Deputy Director of the Department of Education under the Hualien County Government, highlighted the government’s active support in integrating technology into local education, stating, “Despite Hualien’s remote location, the educational quality for children here is never compromised.” She also expressed gratitude for organising the drone-themed camp: “We appreciate ITRI for nurturing the growth of these school children, equipping them with skills that align with the technological demands of the future.”

Deputy CEO of the Tzu Chi Charity Foundation Liu Jiyu stated, “Considering the geographical environment of Hualien, it is highly beneficial for these children to gain access to technology-related knowledge and resources, which can enhance their grasp of and adaptability to a technology-driven world. Our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for supporting Hualien’s school children and contributing to a better educational experience.”