Rapid development taking place in Sabah

by | Sep 9, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Sabah has implemented a total of 1,144 projects across its various ministries with a total allocation of RM61.1 billion this year which is the highest number of projects compared with other states in the country.

Sabah has received the highest development allocation for this year but state officials argue that this is still insufficient owing to the size and rapid growth taking place but thanked the unity government for giving top priority to them.

Sabah expects to receive a significant allocation under Budget 2024 to focus on infrastructure projects such as roads, water supply, electricity, Internet connectivity, and upgrading of schools, clinics and police stations.

State government officials stated that for Budget 2024 it is essential to ensure thorough planning, preparation and execution so that it meets the hopes and aspirations of all groups and entities in states across Malaysia.

Currently, engagement sessions are being held in various states for the gathering of input and feedback on Budget 2024 and Sabah is the fifth state to contribute to these dialogue sessions and have done so accordingly.

In the process of conducting these dialogue sessions, the federal and state ministries and departments, agencies as well as industry players and all stakeholders have presented thoughts, ideas and proposals to Budget 2024.