Indians should get down to earth

by | Aug 29, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions, WORLD | 0 comments


While the watching world held its breath as the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the south side of the moon in a historic landing, there were celebrations all over the world as India now headed the space race.

India is now the world’s most populous nation and it does not come as a surprise that among its people there are geniuses capable of great exploits like exploring space and landing a spacecraft on the moon.

But India needs to fix many problems, issues and crises that they are currently facing such as poor race relations in a north south divide of the nation where the fair skinned northern Aryans think of themselves superior to the dark skinned south Indians.

India is described basically as ‘a nation of villages’. If every panchayat (village council) were to focus on eradicating widespread poverty, installing electricity, building roads and providing safe drinking water, it will be a greater triumph than landing on the moon.

First things first. The idea is not to boost the Indian ego but to get down to earth in a country where teeming millions live in poverty, where illiteracy abound and where religious tension and flare ups often occur.

The domestic issues plaguing India are numerous and many and perhaps they should shift their focus on building the country as a top priority and assist the Indian people to improve greatly on the Quality of Life in India.


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