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According to UNESCO, the first eight years of a child’s life is the most crucial period of opportunity for education. This is the period where a child’s brain develops significantly. Professor of Child Development at the Erikson Institute, Dr. Jie-Q Chen, mentioned that early maths education helps to nurture a child’s future academic success and is the foundation for important skills such as critical and logical thinking.

Creta Class is a math educational app designed specifically for children aged 3 to 8, created by a team of experts specialising in psychology, education, and child cognition, to build strong math foundations from young and to foster good learning habits through a systematic learning framework.

Through Artificial Intelligence technology and professionally developed educational content, Creta Class aims to provide children around the world with engaging and fun early education experiences that fosters their interest and confidence in learning.

There has been a steady increase in the number of countries adopting AI technology into their education strategies as the world evolves, and Singapore is no exception. Through the use of video animations, contents can enhance the vividness of real-life examples to engage early learners and encourage active learning. On the other hand, personalised interactive design and real-time assessment can effectively adjust the pace and path of the student’s learning journey.

The contents Creta Class creates is based on research covering verbal assessments, AI interaction, adaptive growth and real-life based interactions and incorporating AI technology to develop age-appropriate content based on children’s language behaviour, habit patterns, interaction patterns and cognitive preferences, to make maths learning easy and fun, and to provide a solid foundation for maths learning.

The Creta Class interactive exercises have been designed so that they provide practice questions based on children’s interaction skills as well as their ability to comprehend content on the topic in question. For example, younger children are given single-choice or connect-the-dot questions with clear instructions allowing them to quickly comprehend what are being asked. While older children are given slightly challenging interactive questions such as multiple-choice, multiple-step drag-and-drop tasks and sudoku. These interactive exercises help children develop self-confidence and inspire thinking skills.

During the period of heightened learning between the ages of 3 to 8, children’s brains are capable of acquiring skills like numbers and arithmetic, shapes and spatial, logic and patterns, problem-solving, attention, memory, data, and measurement, as well as a variety of thinking methods.

Creta Class designs contents such as animations, interactive exercises based on real-life scenarios and storytelling videos based on children’s cognitive development. Through these contents, children will learn basic maths such as numbers, geometry and measurement in a fun and progressive way. 

To provide children with a comprehensive math education, three elements are required: knowledge, ability, and thinking. The Creta Class application includes the key elements to offer parents and children a mathematical learning solution through which children can develop both their mathematical knowledge and thinking skills holistically, as well as cultivate good habits for learning math.

Creta Class’s curriculum guides children through a systematic approach to learning from 6 knowledge modules, developing 9 Thinking Skills, and achieving 16 Ways of Thinking. By incorporating an innovative learning model, it fosters children’s love of math, develops their learning skills, and effectively builds their curiosity about the future.

One Singaporean parent mentioned, “My child asked me, Mummy, can I learn Creta Class? I was amazed by his enthusiasm for mathematics at such a young age.” A parent of a 3-year-old from South Korea mentioned “Just 15 minutes and my child is gaining and mastering maths skills daily. I am happy to always hear her bright laughter and her confident cheers to herself when she achieves three stars.”

Carolton Kuo, CEO of Creta Class, said, “We believe that children are naturally creative and curious, and the advances in AI technology offer us the possibility to develop products that are even more tailored to children’s learning, enabling them to unlock their incredible learning potential with inspiration and guidance.”

Since launch, Creta Class has over 1 million users in more than 500 cities worldwide, in countries such as the US, Singapore, Japan, Korea and India. Creta Class has received accreditations and awards from a variety of professional organisations and media outlets. These include Educational App 5-Star Accreditation, kidSAFE Accreditation, Academic’s Choice, Mom’s Choice, ReseMom Editors’ Choice Awards in Japan, Korea Consumers Awards, and the Indian Education and Edtech Awards. The Creta Class app has become one of the favourite educational products for parents and children around the world.