G25 calls for support for Ekonomi Madani

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Business, LOCAL, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The G25 group of influential Malays called upon all Malaysians to support the government’s Ekonomi Madani which was launched recently as it is the blueprint for making the nation successful irrespective of a person’s race or religion.

The prime minister, according to the G25 group, stated that he wants to make Malaysia a leading country in South East Asia by achieving sustainable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and ensuring the equitable distribution of income.

In their opinion, the G25 group stated that they find the focus on equitability to be highly appropriate and timely for a multi racial and multi religious country like Malaysia making Masyarakat Madani a landmark initiative.

The G25 group added that ensuring equitability directly contributes to the prosperity of all Malaysians and the lower income groups and the less fortunate would get a fair share of the economic pie.

The group also stated that since Merdeka or Independence from the British colonialists, the country has achieved much growth and economic progress and income levels and employment have increased to cause a reduction in poverty.

Ekonomi Madani plans to achieve over 5 percent GDP growth over the next few years in comparison to the more modest 4 to 5 percent growth rate that is being projected by research houses and analysts.