Condemning the burning of the Quran

by | Jul 28, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, WORLD | 0 comments

In three vile acts in Sweden this year, the Holy Al Quran was burnt prompting Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry or Wisma Putra to summon the Swedish Ambassador to express their concern over ‘structural Islamophobia’.

The ministry stressed to the ambassador that freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly and with due regard to the various races and religions around the world and there is also a need to have tact and sensitivity.

In the meeting with the Swedish Ambassador, the ministry reiterated Malaysia’s objection and disappointment to the Swedish government for granting approval and allowing such a derogative act to take place.

This act, of burning the Holy Al Quran, under the guise and pretext of expressing freedom of speech was an insult and an affront to millions of Muslims worldwide who voiced their condemnation.

The ministry stated that Muslims who knew of the incident suffered mental anguish and distress that such an act was condoned in the first place and it also created animosity and suspicion between religions.

In this regard, the ministry urged the Swedish government to reassess its version of freedom of speech and to take into account that these kinds of acts have the potential to incite religious hatred and undermine peace that coexist between religions.