Best place to retire is Malaysia

by | Jul 18, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, WORLD | 0 comments

Malaysia has become a major draw for those who want to retire and according to US based financial services corporation Nasdaq, Malaysia ranks first in the list of 10 safest places to retire in Asia.

This finding by Nasdaq, which was published in its GoBanking Rates section, took into consideration data from the United Nations Asia Pacific Region Group and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) from World Population Review.

Also taken into consideration were data for the cost of living statistics from Numbeo and the level of peace and harmony in the country from the Global Peace Index from the Institute for Economics and Peace 2022 Report.

Nasdaq set the benchmark that countries need to have a global peace index of under 2.0 to qualify and top of the list was Malaysia with a 1.471 global peace index and a US$1066 average monthly cost of living.

Nasdaq stated that Malaysia takes the number one spot with a cost of living index of 22.9 and a GDP of US$481.9 trillion and with average monthly expenses at just over US$1000, making it an excellent place for retirement.

Kuwait took second spot in the list with a global peace index of 1.739 and an average monthly cost of living of US$1,741 while the third spot was taken by Mongolia with a global peace index of 1.775.