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Photo Credit – chevanon from freepik

With the advent of the digital age, the threshold for lifelong learning has been lowered. More and more Silver Surfers are sharing their knowledge and benefitting from it. On Kuaishou, Grandma Wu, a 70-year-old retired professor from Tongji University, demonstrates interesting physics experiments through short videos and live streams. Using common items such as iron pots, brooms, and coins in her experiments, she successfully stimulates the public’s interest in science. She has gained more than 2 million followers on Kuaishou, and also had her story showcased at the United Nations.

On July 3, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) held the “2023 Inclusive Lifelong Learning Conference” in Indonesia. Kuaishou was invited as a representative of Chinese enterprises to share its innovations, explorations, and practices in adult learning and education from a lifelong learning perspective.

At the conference, Ms. Xiaohan Zhou, the vice president of Kuaishou Technology and head of pan-knowledge and information business, said in the speech “Live Streaming and Short Video: The Revolutionary of Lifelong Learning” that live streamings and short videos are transformative learning methods for lifelong learning.

Chinese technology companies have taken technical and resource advantages to help build a social ecology for lifelong learning. As a digital community, Kuaishou has become an important platform for older citizens to share knowledge, acquire knowledge, and expand their horizons. At Kuaishou, the elderly are both producers and consumers of knowledge. On the one hand, in the free and open creation environment of the platform, the knowledge content of Kuaishou has grown vigorously, covering more than 10 core fields such as education, humanities, arts, emotions, science and technology, finance and economics, and law, etc. More than 110 million videos posted by the creators of 10,000 fans in the knowledge category. A large number of “Silver Surfers”, such as “Grandma Wu,” have spontaneously become knowledge producers and content creators.

The guests gave high recognition of the innovation and progress of Kuaishou in helping the elderly learn. With the advent of knowledge inclusion and universal sharing, lifelong learning is becoming more and more the consensus of the world and the times. As a live short video platform, Kuaishou will also continue to fully support lifelong learning for the elderly in the future from various aspects such as inclusion, innovation and cooperation.