Acute need for organ donation

by | Jun 23, 2023 | BEAUTY & HEALTH, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

According to the National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC), there is an acute need for Malaysians to donate their organs as, at May this year, only 31 people had organ transplants and that includes liver, heart, kidney and other transplants.

There are currently 9,070 kidney patients who are waiting for an organ transplant and kidney patients make up the highest percentage of those needing transplants, as the others who need to receive organ transplants number 27.

Of the 27 patients needing other organ transplants at present 11 are liver patients, of which nine are adults and two children, 14 heart patients and two heart and lung patients and their families are appealing to Malaysians to come forward and donate their organs.

But the bulk of organ transplants that are needed in this country are for kidney patients.Of the 9,070 kidney patients needing transplants, 8,833 patients are adults needing kidneys and 237 are paediatric kidney patients.

The NTRC stated that their biggest disappointment is that they missed out on 3,000 potential donors because they were not able to be detected earlier and this is a major obstacle to organ harvesting which they are trying to solve.

But the consolation for kidney patients especially is that they are able to wait for 10 years for a kidney transplant due to the availability of dialysis but still, in this country, there is a great indifference shown towards organ donation.