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With the launch of LingoAce Math and LingoAce Music, the global edtech company’s  expansion connects even more learners to the best teachers in the world through technology.

LingoAce, the leading preK-12 online learning platform that’s building fluency and opening a world of possibilities, announces the launch of LingoAce Math and LingoAce Music. Following the well-received introduction of the company’s English language learning programme in 2022, the success of its award-winning online learning platform will now be extended to parents looking to elevate their children’s proficiency in math and music.

These new course offerings come on the back of the company’s recent milestone: more than 10 million classes have been taught worldwide to students from more than 100 countries. Through LingoAce’s award-winning online learning platform, students can connect to passionate and professionally accredited teachers using a proprietary research-based curriculum in a seamless virtual classroom. 

“With the official launch of math and music, we expand our world-class learning experience and take another step towards achieving our mission to make learning for kids more engaging, effective and accessible through technology, says Hugh Yao, Founder and CEO of LingoAce. “LingoAce was started with the idea that young learners should not be limited by their geography – that they should be able to unlock their full potential by learning from the best teachers in the world. Since launching in beta earlier this year, our students have shown a strong commitment to learning and demand for more subjects beyond languages.”

Adopting the world-leading Singapore Math curriculum, LingoAce Math aims to unlock the full math potential in children while cultivating a lasting interest in understanding numbers, problem solving and analytical thinking. The curriculum was designed with Beth Curran, who is the renowned author of the Singapore Math textbook, Dimensions Math, and is a math teacher and coach with more than 20 years of experience. Taught by teachers with at least five years of experience in American and Canadian schools, LingoAce Math adopts the Spiral Learning Curriculum and aligns with U.S. Common Core Standards. Students will learn to think mathematically by picking up key concepts such as bar modelling and 4-step problem solving through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, which helps students grasp increasingly abstract mathematical concepts.

LingoAce Math will turbo-charge what students ages 6-15 are learning at school. With instruction in English, students meet twice a week for 55-minute classes on a set schedule. No class is bigger than six students, encouraging the exchange of problem-solving approaches and mathematical thinking without compromising on personalised attention to reinforce mastery of the subject.

Since commencing trials six months ago, parents have lauded the LingoAce Math programme for its well-prepared and systematic teaching methodology and have demanded more. LingoAce Math expands each student academically with content beyond the school syllabus, while focusing on nurturing mathematical thinking in young minds.

True mastery of music for budding musicians rests upon the vital foundation of practice, and parents often spend time acting as facilitator and a pillar of support. LingoAce Music introduces LingoAce’s signature personalised instruction for more than 30 musical instruments, including the piano and the violin, as well as traditional Chinese instruments such as the zither (guzheng) and the lute (pipa). Through private, one-on-one guided practice with professional teachers hailing from top music institutions, children can optimise the time they spend practising at home and achieve the next level of musical proficiency. With instruction available in English and Chinese languages to children ages 6-15 years old, LingoAce Music tailors every live lesson to each student’s progress, whether it’s preparing for a music exam, competition or simply mastering a new score.

All teachers with LingoAce Music undergo a rigorous nine-step onboarding process to ensure each student is adequately supported in their musical journey. From technique to expression, LingoAce Music’s teachers offer timely intervention and guidance, making every practice session much more effective.  

To learn more and book a free trial for LingoAce Math or LingoAce Music, visit lingoace.com. LingoAce Math classes can be accessed through the LingoAce student app. LingoAce Music is available as a standalone app for booking and practice sessions on the iOS App Store.