Is wealth creation just hype?

by | Jun 9, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


In the last century, wealth creation was an obscure concept but it shot to prominence in this new millennium as quick, fast and easy ways of making money became increasingly common and trendy.

But the idea of creating wealth, according to wealth creation experts in the industry, is to be able to live a comfortable, luxurious life and not having to sweat the small stuff but to live a supposedly more enriched life.

There’s a lot of bull about wealth creation and it appears to appeal to those who loathe hard work and industry and during these times in Malaysia where bread and butter issues feature prominently, the question is how does wealth creation factor?

There is a dark and sinister complexion to wealth creation when examined thoroughly and somehow the hype surrounding wealth creation causes people to have a sense of suspicion as they believe they are creating wealth out of nothing.

The hype is just too good to be true and it makes a person feel as if it is all too easy to make money in hordes, the so-called mythical earn unlimited income businesses when, in reality, common sense tells you there is a limit to everything.

The person who works hard and honestly, with integrity and industry will be able to create wealth but in a realistic way while all those championing wealth creation are full of hype in wanting to give a return on your investment that is astronomical.


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