Razzle dazzle at Lima ’23

by | May 25, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

In a symbolic opening of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2023 or Lima ’23 more than 70 aircraft from the Malaysian Armed Forces took to the skies in a bold, razzle dazzle show on May 23.

The opening gambit began with a show of the Royal Malaysian Air Force F/A 18D Hornet fighter aircraft on the tarmac in front of the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) on the island of Langkawi.

There was another thrilling show on the tarmac that captivated the audience which was a rescue demonstration of people using MD530G and EC725AP helicopters involving 10 members of a crack special team.

These shows were watched by the Malaysian Defence Minister and Minister of Transport, the Home Minister and other dignitaries who watched till the end a diamond formation by SU30MKM, F/A18D and Hawk aircraft.

The Malaysian armed forces also confirmed that aircraft from five nations would participate in the aerobatic show at the five day Lima ’23 which will be represented by Indonesia, China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Lima ’23 is themed “The Nexus of Asia’s Maritime and Aerospace Trade” and involves the Defence Ministry (defence sector) and Transport Ministry (commercial sector) and is reputed to be the pride of the region.