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Launching in its alpha build, the self-titled virtual platform and design lab seeks to foster innovation and e-learning, highlight the work of Web3 creatives, and tackle key metaverse issues, such as accessibility and retention. The Web3 startup has partnered with numerous institutes, such as Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and OCBC to co-design and build the platform’s virtual ecosystem.

Following their recent collaboration with OCBC to co-design the OCBCx65Chulia experience on Decentraland, Singaporean metaverse startup Memotics has announced the launch of their eponymous virtual platform and design lab.

Currently in its alpha build, the Memotics platform takes an empowering, community-first approach to building immersive experiences and social matching. The platform aims to evolve the metaverse space by driving greater innovations, fostering education and highlighting the benefits of cross-community interactions.

Memotics Virtual Platform

“Onboard, Educate, Empower.” — The Memotics Virtual Platform

Powered by Unreal Engine with deep Web3 integrations, the Memotics platform boasts high-fidelity graphics with diverse toolsets for building and design. With these toolsets, the platform seeks to encourage greater forms of design-based e-learning, and allow its community to explore creative and expressive builds and concepts.

The platform also incorporates built-in social matching functions, with the platform identifying and linking up users with similar interests and passions based on data and information gathered from the user’s journey and experience. 

“Unlike other metaverses that lack engaging content and only focus on short-term financial gains, Memotics prioritises social matching, phygital experiences and entertaining creative learning through spatial design elements and storytelling. With this renewed focus, we are creating a sense of belonging and familiarity on the platform, building positive relationships between users and helping friendships form,” said Alan Kueh, co-founder of Memotics.

Alan Kueh

Kueh continues, “Right now, we are working on becoming a bridge that onboards and sustain audiences for the Web3 space as a whole. Thus, we are designing this platform with partners from both Web3 and non-Web3 spaces from various industries, using insights across a wide spectrum of people, in concert with our values of exploration, discovery and growth.”
By engaging in the platform, users can earn RIES, an on-platform currency, which can be used with partnering brands on Memotics’ platform. The platform’s genesis project, Homies, is also available on OpenSea.

Memotics Homies

Partnerships & Collaborations

Based on Memotics’ 3 Pillars of Education, Lifestyle, and Entertainment, Memotics have also formed numerous partnerships with organisations and people to advance its goals of fostering education and community.

Memotics collaborating with NYP’s School of Design & Media for their Studio Project 2023

Beyond assisting with the design of the virtual platform itself, Memotics has also partnered with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to develop a unique space on the virtual platform for NYP students to use as a learning lab. The lab will be a co-creating space, where students can explore lessons in design and building with a focus on branding and gaming.

The startup has also previously worked with NYP’s School of Design & Media, collaborating with 49 Year-two Interaction Design students and 4 lecturers to develop a working prototype of the immersive platform’s digital app.

OCBC and Memotics have also established a follow-up partnership with the bank becoming a key ecosystem partner to help co-design the Memotics platform. This comes off their previous partnership to co-design the bank’s OCBCx65Chulia experience on Decentraland, making OCBC the first Singaporean bank to offer a virtual banking experience.

“We truly have achieved a great amount of success in a short period of time with our various high-profile partners. That, in particular, stands as a real proof-of-concept when it comes to the metaverse space’s ability to thrive with the right support. We look forward to helping our partners with a new form of consultancy; one that specialises in next-generation brand activations using Web3 and the metaverse,” shares Kueh.

To further push the metaverse’s innovations and capabilities for creatives and wellness seekers, the Memotics team will be collaborating with acclaimed artist and art director Nicole Buffett to showcase Web3’s impact on the creative and wellness industries.

Memotics Booth at Suntec Convention Centre

Further to that, Memotics has also worked with numerous MNCs to develop various physical events with digital integration that will be developed into digital assets at a later stage. They have also previously organised physical events at Suntec City and CHIJMES in December 2022 with various stakeholders to further foster the spirit of community locally.

Currently, Memotics continues to work on their virtual platform, refining the space with additional tools. They look forward to launching the next stage of their platform in the next few months.

For more information, visit Memotics’ website HERE, or visit the Memotics Homie store on OpenSea HERE. For more, visit Memotics’ Twitter, Instagram, and Discord pages.