Aid for the Indian community

by | May 7, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The Malaysian Indian Community Transformation Unit, or better known by the acronym Mitra, is set to assist Malaysian Indians in the B40 group through several initiatives focusing on education, the economy and job training.

In addition, assistance will be given for their welfare and social well being. These initiatives are to be implemented by the end of this year and Mitra urges the Indian community especially those in the B40 group to seize the opportunities.

The initiatives include 10,000 students at public universities to receive benefits under the Bachelor’s degree university assistance subsidy programme, which is expected to cost Mitra an estimated RM20 million.

In collaboration with Bank Simpanan Nasional, the funds will be distributed before the semester begins for students in second, third or final year at public universities. Each student is to receive a one off subsidy of RM2000.

Another RM10.8 million has been set aside for private Tamil kindergartens registered with the Ministry of Education where each child will get a monthly subsidy of RM200 which will cover kindergarten fees and breakfast for one year.

A RM8.64 million health initiative aimed at helping about 900 kidney patients to undergo dialysis will also be implemented and they will get a RM200 subsidy per dialysis session while other health assistance will also be considered by Mitra.