Are our values changing for the worse?

by | May 1, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Understanding values is important as, as fast as they are understood, they can change and take us to a totally different level which can be a bewildering experience for those not well versed with how values are changing our world.

But the moot question is whether our values are changing for the worse? This appears to be a larger than life question which is hard for anyone to answer but it is obvious that the values once cherished have long since departed.

While it is not necessary to go back to the beginning of time when values were formed, suffice to say there is only a need to look back to the last century when our values were shaped by the Atlantic powers or the Western world.

The values of that time were considered staid, safe and easily understood which gave people a certain stability and assurance that these values were not fleeting but were here to stay as a guide on how to live our lives.

But with the opening of the economies of China and India when they began to make economic reforms all of a sudden the value system of the world underwent a metamorphosis as the Chinese and Indians began to stamp their dominance.

The once known value system that provided peace and stability collapsed and values began to change swiftly that a certain disorientation creeped in upon people and changed the value system to be chaotic, confusing and convoluted now.


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