CAB Cakaran to launch organic chicken

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Business, LOCAL, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

In January 2023 CAB Cakaran Corp Bhd launched its omega and organic chickens and it has since spent RM30 million to diversify into these chicken production and integrate automation technologies into its operations this year.

The group stated that with changing consumer tastes and preference for healthier and tastier chickens, the market for premium chickens will continue to increase and the new product has the opportunity to establish a premium market.

The group also practices poultry welfare, pasture and proprietary feed management to ensure exceptional Omega 3 levels in its chickens which are easily available in premium and reputable grocers and supermarkets.

CAB Cakaran will also use a portion of its RM30 million investment to improve efficiency in the various stages of the value chain and in its integration to enhance productivity and thus reduce the cost of production.

In 2022, the group invested RM27.35 million in capital expenditure to focus on ensuring a sustainable supply of chicken products to secure its internal supply chain to meet the demand from its customers.

The group will continue to deploy resources as and when necessary to upgrade as well as modernise existing open house farms to closed house farms and expand their processed food business.