Pay attention to dietary habits

by | Apr 16, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


You are what you eat. This in a nutshell sums up why a person should pay careful attention to his or her dietary habits to ensure they live well, long and healthy by consuming the right kinds of food daily.

From young, if a person follows a disciplined and balanced diet, there is less likely chances of contracting ill health because it pays to be cautious with our dietary habits while being aware of what diseases are looming in the horizon.

Most of us like to eat tasty, delicious food and a growing number of Malaysians can be classified as ‘foodies’ as they are very particular about what they eat and the food they consume must be good for which they are willing to travel miles.

But if a person is not careful and he or she makes their stomach their god by living to eat, instead of eating to live, then it is possible to develop health complications at a young age by being overweight or obese.

While eating and drinking are important to many of us, what should be of greater importance is the impact of what is being consumed on a daily basis so as to ensure that in the long run it does not take its toll on our health.

By all means enjoy your food and beverages but be mindful of how it factors in keeping us healthy and what changes must be made to our diet and lifestyle so a person does not end up so soon as a casualty of eating and drinking.


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