Aging gracefully upon retirement

by | Apr 16, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


Many seniors are in a quandary when they reach the age to retire as they are unprepared and this is why it is important for people of all ages to plan for their retirement in a realistic and practical way.

After a lifetime of hustle and bustle studying and working, retirement looms as something unexpected for many people and therefore it is necessary early on in life to have a cut off point and to retire.

But though inevitably a person retires, this does not mean he or she has to immediately enter the twilight zone. Plan what to do with your time when you retire. Stay active, keep fit and healthy on a daily basis.

Never go into negative mode by just eating, sleeping and being idle and inactive. Keep being productive and useful according to the limits of your health. Do things to maintain and enrich your life as there is more to life than working and earning a living.

Do not opt for a sedentary lifestyle and instead learn to be an active retiree. Practise yoga, meditation, tai chi or go for walks around the neighborhood, help as a volunteer in charitable organizations that can benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

Retirement must not be seen as an ending but a new beginning where an elderly person gets to live a lifestyle that is different but enjoyable and satisfactory which gives his life added zest and zeal before crossing the finishing line.


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