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KT & G opened the third ‘Univ Zone’ in Indonesia at BINUS University to provide more learning opportunities to Indonesian college students. The ‘Univ Zone’ offers various classes related to culture and career. A total of 450 classes were held until last year and 25,000 students participated.

KT&G Sangsang Univ. Indonesia, which is a social contribution platform run by KT&G, a global company headquartered in South Korea, has opened ‘Univ Zone’ for Indonesian college students at BINUS University. ‘Univ Zone’ is a community centre for Indonesian college students, which provides students a platform for networking and learning.

The picture shows Yun Sig Jeong, President Director of KT&G TSPM(third from the left) and Gatot Soepriyanto, Campus Director of BINUS University(center) taking celebratory pictures at the ceremony.

Sangsang Univ. held an opening ceremony of ‘BINUS University Univ Zone’ on March 20th. The ceremony was attended by Yun Sig Jeong, President Director of KT&G TSPM, Gatot Soepriyanto, Campus Director of BINUS University, and other related officials. One day class related to Korean drama and culture was held on the same day.

In March, KT&G Sangsang Univ. signed an MOU with BINUS University to establish and operate ‘Univ Zone’ at the university. The agreement for KT&G Sangsang Univ. operating ‘Univ Zone’ at BINUS University runs for 3 years, until October, 2025. KT&G Sangsang Univ. and BINUS University have vowed to work together on providing various skill-building programmes for college students by operating ‘Univ Zone’ at the campus.

‘Univ Zone’ was created at Bekasi Campus of BINUS University at a size of 120m2. The venue was decorated in Korea’s traditional housing style called ‘hanok’.

Classes that can help college students with job searching, such as job interview and speech related classes, will be offered at ‘Univ Zone’ every week. Hobby-related classes, such as barista, cooking, and dance classes will also be offered.

KT&G Sangsang Univ. had established and operated ‘Univ Zone’ in Trisakti University and UNAS University in Jakarta from 2017 to 2020. Positive response from the Jakarta community has inspired KT&G Sangsang Univ. to establish ‘Univ Zone’ at Jakarta State University (UNJ) and Jakarta Creative Hub (JCH) last year.

Last year, a total of 450 classes in the areas of cultural experience and career-building were offered at the UNJ and JCH ‘Univ Zone’ and 25,000 students have participated in these classes.

KT&G Sangsang Univ. is also active in Surabaya and Malang as well. It operates a Korean language institute in Surabaya and a vocational training centre in Malang. KT&G Sangsang Univ plans to continue with its efforts to contribute to the community and provide more learning opportunities for Indonesian college students.

Yun Sig Jeong, President Director of KT&G TSPM said, “We will provide various skill-building programmes for Indonesian college students at ‘Univ Zone’ in BINUS University. As a global company operating business in Indonesia, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities and help Indonesian students expand their cultural experiences and learning opportunities.”