Hundreds of hotels lack fire certs

by | Apr 1, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Malaysian domestic tourism is booming and locals are spoilt for choice from luxurious hotels to affordable shared Airbnbs and they seek for info such as the weather and location and also if fire hazards are in place.

Unfortunately, the Fire and Rescue Department revealed recently that almost 400 hotels in Malaysia were operating without any Fire Certification (FC) as of November 2022 and this is now seen as a dampener.

This includes those who have applied but have yet to be granted Fire Certification and this does not include hundreds, if not thousands more homestays, Airbnb and other small sized lodging establishments.

A fire certificate is given to a building structure to certify that it has passed the fire safety audit, including having functional fire fighting equipment, unblocked exits and clear signage including a water sprinkling system upon the outbreak of a fire.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department 1,132 hotels nationwide are required to operate with an FC, but only 752 have complied. Another 380 hotels are currently operating without an FC, and almost 80 percent or 298 of them are located in Kuala Lumpur.

According to legal sources, a hotel is one of nine designated premises that are required to apply for an FC, failing which the owner could face a RM50,000 fine now which is far higher than the previous fine of RM5,000.