Overcoming issues in PPR homes

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Business, NATIONAL, NEWS, PROPERTIES | 0 comments

Social activists advocate new approaches be used in eradicating poverty and improving economic conditions and this includes government measures to provide educational support and having the ability to generate a reasonable income among PPR residents.

These activists state that suicidal thinking and mental health issues in PPR communities are the result of issues such as poverty, poor living conditions and stress as individuals in these communes feel they are hopeless and useless.

There are also issues in these communities of alcoholism, aggressiveness and violence and substance abuse among the common complaints highlighted at these PPR communities which social activists say must be addressed urgently.

The PPR centres, activists further state, need to have more centres for children to study without noise and disturbance, and also having access to computers to help them cope better with their studies.

There is also a need for children in PPR communities to have exposure towards weekend activities such as games and physical activities to provide for them a healthier and safer avenue to explore their potential.

Other concerns include spousal conflicts, domestic violence and child abuse due to stress on parents to earn better incomes, stress due to a lack of money as well as the rising cost of living in the country.