Caring for all segments of society

by | Mar 21, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


Most of the time, whenever the issue of caregiving and caring for people surfaces, it appears that in Malaysia the focus is on the lower echelon of society, or the preferred B40 group, but what about rich yet needy people in the upper echelon or elite.

While it is true that the super rich in Malaysia have the monetary power to take good care of themselves, there are areas in which they also need support and assurance from other people with which they interact.

Therefore it is high time that caregiving and caring take on a holistic approach to include all segments of society from children and teenagers, to youth, right up to the middle aged and senior citizens irrespective of their socio economic status.

In the past, the accent was on women and children and the elderly, those who were vulnerable and weak, those who were marginalized and those who were disadvantaged which appears to be fair enough because their needs are obvious.

But on scrutiny, the needy could be anyone from any financial standing and this is why there is a need to differentiate between poverty and those who are needy. While those who are poor can be easily accounted for, it is much more complex addressing the needs of a person.

While poverty can be solved with financing and funding, needs have to be looked into carefully and evaluated from all angles before solutions can be administered to help all segments of society live a fulfilled and meaningful life.


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