The idea of creating wealth

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Opinions | 0 comments


Every person should be encouraged and motivated to create wealth for themselves in order to live an enriched life without having to be dependent on other sources of assistance that may cause them to be yolked unnecessarily.

Being wealthy will not only ensure our financial independence and well being but it will also free us to be at liberty to live life as it pleases us. There will be no need for anyone to intervene in our lives or for us to be obligated or accounted for unless necessary.

But creating wealth should have a limit. The reason for this is there comes a cut off point when wealth has been created and if pushed further it will create a sated and banal mentality within us. This is why every individual must know when they have created enough wealth.

In the event that wealth is still being created by us after the predetermined cut off point then it is best to offload the surplus to the poor, vulnerable and weak groups that suffer from a lack of financial resources.

Otherwise, other options and alternatives include engaging in altruism by creating income generation projects for others who are deprived to be able to fend for themselves. These corporate works of charity will create a noble spirit for us.

In conclusion, there is really no limit to the amount of wealth that a person can create but like mentioned earlier it is only meaningful to a certain extent beyond that it tends to lose its value by making us sated and banal.


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