Beware of scams and con jobs

by | Feb 16, 2023 | NATIONAL, NEWS, Opinions | 0 comments


In recent years Malaysians have become increasingly worried over the growing number of scams and con jobs that have been taking place in the country that they are now urging the government and banks to tighten control of the situation.

From time to time victims of the ‘Macau scam’ have emerged and recently there was in the news reports of ‘Touch N Go’ scams where victims have been left poorer and despite lodging police and other reports they have not managed to recover their money.

Con jobs are plentiful in this country due to the tight financial situation and it usually involves employment where people desperate for jobs are lured into Get-Rich-Quick schemes or fleeced of whatever payment they have placed upfront.

Internet scams are the most popular and Malaysians have become wary of many scam operators and tread carefully when they do online shopping and they are also cautious of having to divulge personal or confidential information.

This is why Malaysian authorities have cautioned the general public to be on the alert when doing any financial transaction online. There are civic groups who suggest not answering any phone calls from a number not listed in your phone.

By and large, there have been far too many scams and con jobs and it is hard to apprehend the culprits and therefore the watchword issued by the authorities is to ‘Be Cautious’ as you go about your daily activities involving the use of money.


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