Upgrade all school facilities

by | Feb 8, 2023 | EDUCATION, NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs) across the country speak in unison that the Ministry of Education must upgrade all school facilities in the country as some of them are not well maintained and the cost of their upkeep has increased.

Allocations from the Ministry of Education to all schools must increase whether national type, vernacular or tahfiz. It doesn’t matter the label of the school, what is important is that they be assisted financially and through other means.

PTA’s state that for Malaysia to have a world class education system it has to begin with public schools, whether primary or secondary, they need to have facilities that are cutting edge for students to be in a conducive environment to study.

There are often schools that complain of leaking roofs, flooding, faulty fans and air conditioners and poor Internet connectivity especially schools in remote areas and information technology is recognised as the way forward for students.

School toilets also need to be hygienic, food served at school canteens need to be of nutritious value and affordable and for poor students the government might want to consider providing free or subsidised meals.

Much needs to be done for public schools to be the nurturing ground for future leaders and captains of industry and this is why PTAs are urging the government to go through with a fine tooth comb of their wish list for their respective schools.